Bookings & Accommodation – Questions Answered

In a small step to try and make things a little more ‘farang’ friendly, Dragon Muay Thai has been posting up recent articles (Including ‘What Makes Dragon Muay Thai different’ ‘top ten fight clips’ ‘mauy thai in thailand’ and ‘dragon muay thai gym reviews’)

Many people have been enquiring about ‘Bookings’ for training and also bookings for accommodation. Also people have been wanting to know about accommodation available from or around Dragon Muay Thai.

First- Booking with Dragon Muay Thai:

Dragon muay thai is a run by a large Thai family, therefore they have kept things running ‘traditionally’ as a thai gym.

Bookings are not neccisary for training with Dragon Muay Thai. Dragon is run on a simpl yet effective system of

Say Hello, Sign Up and start training

Not booking doesnt leave you at any disadvantage – You will always be welcome, there will always be room for you and Most of all you are not locked in to any payments.

Second- Accommodation & Bookings:

I will start by saying – There are MANY options for accommodation Just On Soi-Taied Alone. Not to mention surrounding streets and area. You will not go un-accommodated.

Dragon has a good relationship with many bungalows along the street. The street (soi) is Soi Taied and and from one end to the other is maybe 5/10 min walk max. So anywhere along the street or just off the street is always easily close enough to cater for Dragon muay thai.

Featured Accommodation (websites) :






There are also a lot more bungalows and rentals availble on the street that do not have websites to organise booking.

Not to mention those available in the surrounding streets.





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