Training Muay Thai In Thailand – “easier than you think”

No Need to panick about the following:

Where do i stay ?     How do i get to the gym ?     

How do i get around ?     What is around the gym ?

Many people worry about potential threats, scams, accommodation, surrounding areas etc.

To be honest Phuket is a very safe place in comparison with most middle class western countries. If you are thinking  about Coming to Phuket, Thailand and Training at Dragon Muay Thai, then i hope this makes the decision a little easier.

Pre-booking may seem like a very safe and complete way to organise your muay thai holiday or training. However Dragon Muay Thai is a gym that like all Thai Run and operated gyms runs on a Turn Up and Join The Gym basis.

There should be no concerns about accommodation. You can either pre-book via the internet at any one of the many, MANY bungalows, hotels and houses literally on the same street (soi taied) as Dragon Muay Thai. Alternatively you can arrive in Chalong, Phuket. Come to Dragon muay Thai and they will happily direct you to an available accommodation in your price range. Often its worth lookin at the accommodation first hand and then choosing which suits your purpose.

Getting to Dragon Muay Thai from Phuket airport is again an easy task. Taxi fares should be from 600-700 baht from the airport to Chalong – Soi Tai-ied. Many taxi drivers will know Dragon Muay Thai. If not no worries. Tell them to find Chalong and then Soi-tai-ied. Dragon Muay Thai is easily found on the same street as Tiger muay thai. Taxi should take roughly 45mins to an hour from the airport to the gym.

Getting around is very, very easy as Chalong has developed very well. From the gym and surrounding accommodation you can walk to a ‘family mart’ a ‘7/11’ about 20 or so restaurants/food vendors, spas, massage etc. Alternatively you can hire a scooter from one of the MANY places hiring on the street. Scooters are cheap and handy to get around on.


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